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New movie: Wall Street Conspiracy

We have the trailer to this exciting new movie Wall Street Conspiracy
The Wall Street Conspiracy explores a pernicious form of fraud called illegal naked short selling that has had an enormous impact on the 2008 collapse of the US economy. Click on the link above to watch

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new movie: RADIO WARS

Release Set for Fall 2011 See the trailer

Coming Fall 2011, The follow up to the breakthrough movie Stock Shock, Radio Wars.

Wall Street Conspiracy

This new movie Wall Street Conspiracy is set to release fall 2011.
If you ever had any questions as to what the hell happened to the economy a few years back this explains it all in terms so simple even a caveman could understand.

The SEC who controls your investment money apparently hired computer geeks to figure out how they could skim a little here, a little there... Let's put it this way, Go see the movie it explains how a few bilked the many, how the rich got richer off the hard working trusting American peoples investments.
In a New York Minute

This is a no-brainer people, it isn't entertainment you're going to pay $7.50 - $12 for, oh no no no, it's the best factual piece of information about what these people did to screw America out of Trillions of dollars.

Good people like you who opt into 401k plans, poof the moneys all gone, nothing left, no accountability. So what who cares. As long as I can buy a third house in the Hampton, send my kid to private school, give the wife all the money she wants so she keeps her big mouth shut... Yeah it's the Wall Street suits who screwed you. You, the guy whose retirement life just got flushed down the pipe.

Goldman Sachs Fat Fingers



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